Eric Lintermans

My philosophy has always been to capture the essence of art and beauty through hair. My revolutionary 30-minute dry haircutting technique provides the foundation for the most flattering haircut for each client, one that continues to look wonderful, and be manageable, from one haircut to the next.

I began my hair-cutting career in Belgium at age 13, working summers alongside my master haircutting father, Aurelien Lintermans in our salons in Belgium, Paris, and New York. When we opened our Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive salon, I decided this would be my permanent home.

Why cut hair dry? Because we don't wear our hair wet! And although it is a more difficult cut to perform, it is my preference to know how each client's hair falls naturally—curly, straight, thin, thick, cowlicks and all. It's that simple, for both men and women. In and out of the salon in 30 minutes - what could be better!