“Hair is your first accessory”

I am a devoted client of Eric Lintermans and have consistently received edgy, chic and flattering haircuts since my first visit in 2006. Eric has a talent for understanding and expressing a client’s personality while adding a stylish touch that is very much his own. As Eric says “Hair is your first accessory” and I can’t imagine getting mine cut by anyone else! Mara de L.

“No one cuts like Eric”

I have been going to Eric Lintermans for haircuts now for 44 years, since 1967, when we were both young and cute! I’ve only gone to Eric and no one else! No one cuts like Eric! The style stays perfect for at least 2 months or more. His specialty is cutting hair dry, never wet. There are some big-name stylists around Beverly Hills, but they do not compare one iota to Eric! And, several of those top ones started their craft at Lintermans—Maggy M.

“Eric understands my style”

I have been having my hair cut by Eric Lintermans for 36 years. I have followed him to six salons. I have tried other salons throughout the years, both higher end and closer to my home in Pasadena, only to return to Eric. He cuts with a “dry cut” and understands my style to a degree that I have never found elsewhere. I have very fine hair and he brings a fullness and shape that brings out the best for me. I took my husband and he has been with Eric for at least 25 years, and will not switch to another after trying several closer to us. We feel the quality is the best and the fees are reasonable, especially in Beverly Hills—Jana & Paul P.

“An indispensable talent”

I always gravitate towards quality, creativity, consistency and things that last. Eric Lintermans’ talent exemplifies all of these characteristics in a personable, unpretentious way. We have meticulously created together a hair style that reflects my personality, with slight occasional variations for more than 35 years. The new location in the Rodeo Collection is convenient, while absent the typical nonsense often encountered in a Beverly Hills salon. I salute both Eric and his late father Aurelien Lintermans for their excellence in the art they have provided for more than 55 years. —Vittorio C.

“His haircuts are perfection”

His haircuts are perfection, far better than any therapy—Robert L.

“I'll never try another stylist”

I try new hair care and skin products all the time, but I would never try another stylist. Eric is the best! I am a very longtime client—Carol S.