Lintermans & Mauro

Eric Lintermans, aka La Coupe Lintermans, is now located within the prestigious Mauro Hair Studio. The salon is situated inside the Rodeo Collection, 421 N. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills 90210. Eric accompanies artists Mauro, Cal Martini of the Cal Martini Color Group, as well as other original talented stylists. He remains available for house or office calls for those unable to visit the salon in Beverly Hills. To schedule an appointment or to simply receive a complimentary consultation, call the salon at 310-273-0600 or direct line 310-753-2865.

Eric Lintermans' Methodology

Lintermans was first established on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills in 1964 by Aurelien Lintermans, who already had established salons in Belgium, Paris and New York. Aurelien’s dry-cutting technique eventually became a desire of the privileged.

Eric Lintermans has followed in his father’s footsteps using the same dry-cutting methods today. He finds that he can determine the structure, natural movement and growth pattern, in order to achieve the desired result for each distinctive client by cutting the hair dry. Needless-to-say, the method is more difficult than cutting wet.

Lintermans salons have always catered to a behind-the-scenes Hollywood crowd of models, producers, directors, or anyone seeking the right natural cut. Eric creates a look that is unique for each of his clients using the technique learned from his father, though today modernized with his own innovative modus operandi.

"I create a look that is unique for each and every one of my clients, rather than copy a mere trend—Eric Lintermans."

Royals, Rich and Famous

Natasha Alexandrovna, a devoted friend of Eric Lintermans has authored the publication “La Coupe Lintermans Beverly Hills, Coiffure–Hair styles to the Royals, Rich and Famous” in honor of Emile Aurelien Lintermans. It is a captivating read documenting a hair-raising story of determination, talent and success.

Lintermans was first established on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills in the sixties by Eric’s world-renowned father, Aurelien Lintermans, who established seventeen salons in each of the major cities, including Belgium, Paris, New York and Los Angeles. Celebrities Joan Crawford, Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, and many other Hollywood personalities were among the regulars. Suzanne Pleshette and Steve McQueen frequented the salons, as well as Jean Seaberg, Lloyd Bridges and James McArther. For those who would like to obtain a copy of the book “La Coupe Lintermans Beverly Hills,” contact us